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Brake Bias Cage HP Rotors - Fixed or Floating Replacement Friction Rings for HP rotors.
Brake Bias Cage
Our Price: $1,275.00
Best Braking for your Lotus! HP Race Rotors for Maximum Stoppage!
Replacement Friction Rings for BOE HP Rotors
Rear Radial Caliper Mounts Slotted Brake Rotors Hawk Brake Pads - Full Set
Rear Radial Caliper Mounts
Our Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $320.00
Slotted Brake Rotors (Pair)
Our Price: $250.00

Hawk Brake Pads - Full Set - HP Plus Compound Brake Pads
Our Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $195.00
You save $130.00!
Rear Radial Caliper Bracket Slotted Elise/Exige/211 Rotors (Pair) HP Plus Auto-X and Track Compound
Pagid RS 14 Black Brake Pads CL RC8 Rear Brake Pads Pagid RS 4-2 Blue Front Brake Pads
CL RC8 Rear Brake Pads
Our Price: $182.00
  RC8 is the most aggressive pad produced by CL Brakes. A high performance alternative to the stock pad.
Raybestos ST-43 Vented HP Stainless Steel Pistons CL RC6 Brake Pads
Raybestos ST-43 Brake Pads
Our Price: $154.00
CL RC6 Brake Pads
Our Price: $144.00

Carbon kevlar brake pads for the Elise - Track Only!
Reduce Heat Transfer to Brake later and harder RC6:  Incredibly high, yet controllable bite.
CL RC5+ Brake Pads Porterfield R4 Brake Pads Stainless Brake Lines
CL RC5+ Brake Pads
Our Price: $134.00
Porterfield R4 Brake Pads
Our Price: $125.00
Stainless Brake Lines
Our Price: $99.00
The RC5+ is CL Brakes latest offering. They were developed as a moderate trackday or race pad.  
Stainless DOT Brakelines
Porterfield R4-S Brake Pads stainless steel brake lines Lotus Elise Exige AP Pins and Plates
  Brembo Spring Replacement AP 2 Piston Spring and Pin Replacement