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BWR Gear Set Blackwatch Racing C6X Upgraded 3rd & 4th Helical Quaife Limited Slip Differential
BWR Gear Set
Our Price: $4,695.00
Ultimate Gearset for high-powered Elise/Exige(C60) Beefy gear upgrade for Elise/Exige! Best helical LSD for the Elise/Exige.  Lifetime warranty!
Surge Tank Total Oil Control Pan Version 1.1 ACT XT/SS Replacement Clutch Kit
Surge Tank
Our Price: $925.00
Fuel Surge Tank
No more fuel starvation!
The ultimate cure for the oil related issues on the 2zz Elise/Exige This is the slightly heavier duty version of the ACT HD/SS clutch.
ACT HD/SS Replacement Clutch Kit Blackwatch Lightweight Flywheel SSC Improved Lotus Gear Shift cable
This is the Clutch the Elise and Exige should have shipped with from the factory! Lightweight flywheel is single-piece for lowest maintenance. SSC Improved Lotus Gear Shift cable
ARP Flywheel Bolts
ARP Flywheel Bolts
Our Price: $57.09