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Blackwatch Racing C6X Upgraded 3rd & 4th Helical
BWR Gear Set
Our Price: $4,695.00
Ultimate Gearset for high-powered Elise/Exige(C60) Best Differential for Elise/Exige. Period.  Tuned by BWR! Beefy gear upgrade for Elise/Exige!
Surge Tank
Our Price: $850.00
Best helical LSD for the Elise/Exige.  Lifetime warranty! Fuel Surge Tank
No more fuel starvation!
The ultimate cure for the oil related issues on the 2zz Elise/Exige
This is the slightly heavier duty version of the ACT HD/SS clutch. This is the Clutch the Elise and Exige should have shipped with from the factory! Lightweight flywheel is single-piece for lowest maintenance.
BOE Catch Can
Our Price: $195.00
ARP Flywheel Bolts
Our Price: $57.09
SSC Improved Lotus Gear Shift cable The BOE catch can is the perfect answer for tracked or modified cars.
Redline 75W140NS
Our Price: $18.50
Redline MT-90
Our Price: $16.00
The best transmission fluid for your Lotus The best transmission fluid for your Lotus